Good day

A bad day in the shop is better than a great day doing anything else! My "day" job (which I also love) revolves around Maritime Navigation needs including dredging and fish issues. Yep...I get paid to play in the mud and love every minute of it!  The inspiration for much of my work has come from my work in the marine environment and the wonderful people in industry, the regulatory community and my associates.


While at a celebration party after Issaquah Salmon Days, I was captured by one of the most jovial and talented gentlemen I have run across for a long time. I only caught his first name (which was Steve), but I will treasure his gift to me for many years. He said I have an easy face to draw! My family says it has captured me pretty well. I do notice the resemblance to Santa Claus creeping in....

JandC with fishGramps Picture

John with his beautiful wife, Claudia! She's not only the most patient woman in the world (to live with John and put up with all his shop time), but she is a very accomplished rug and fabric weaver. 

The picture to the right is my dear grandfather James Hicks and my grandmother May Hicks were married for almost 70 years...may we be so blessed!

Santa with Cookie 2012

Alter Ego: I have been accused of resembling Santa from time to time. Here I am something besides overalls…see more of me at www.santajohn.com

SF-Map021006-web cropped

   Just in case you were wondering, Steelhead Fabrication art is in 31 countries at last count. I won’t rest until there is Total Fish Domination. It’s hard to stop when you are having so much fun.