A momentary "pause" in Steelhead Fabrications production

A pause in Steelhead Fabrications production is happening now due to a relocation from Seattle to the other side of this great country-Washington DC. My day job allowed me to transfer and get involved with a very fun part of my career. Because of the many hours spent at work and because my tools do not yet have a permanant place to live (for now), I have not been making anything in the shop. I am still working on designs and am looking at tooling options here on the East Coast. The pause has been very nice and helpful for allowing my body to recover from the rigors of steel working. I must say, the opportunity to see such amazing artwork as is currently in Washington DC, as well as the heritage work from the 1700s to current times has been inspiring. Many ideas swirling…..

Newest large installation-Trout Unlimited HQ

Pictures of the installation to follow, but an in-process photo is included here. All Stainless Steel and for such an amazing organization such as Trout Unlimited. Fun, too!IMG_1873

National Cathedral-A Special place for an ironworker

P1040877This is one of many photos of the amazing work of Mr. Samual Yellin at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. This is part of a decorative screen he built in a small chapel called the Children’s Chapel. Each part of the quatrifoil is an animal head, build on a scale and in such detail to engage the little ones. Truly inspired work.

Last nighttime walk in DC

IMG_2799A bittersweet time, but simply beautiful. I could do without the ugliness of politics, but the grounds of the National Mall and the Army Corps of Engineers built Washington Monument are simply stunning. Proud to be American!

A Special Place in Washington DC-Wounded Veteran's Memorial

IMG_2673A very special place, for some even more special people who have given so much. This memorial was just completed and a beautiful place it is to honor those who have been wounded in service to our country. A Ranger said that President Obama would not come for the dedication, nor his staff….a real shame.