Nov 2014

Newest large installation-Trout Unlimited HQ

Pictures of the installation to follow, but an in-process photo is included here. All Stainless Steel and for such an amazing organization such as Trout Unlimited. Fun, too!IMG_1873

National Cathedral-A Special place for an ironworker

P1040877This is one of many photos of the amazing work of Mr. Samual Yellin at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. This is part of a decorative screen he built in a small chapel called the Children’s Chapel. Each part of the quatrifoil is an animal head, build on a scale and in such detail to engage the little ones. Truly inspired work.

Last nighttime walk in DC

IMG_2799A bittersweet time, but simply beautiful. I could do without the ugliness of politics, but the grounds of the National Mall and the Army Corps of Engineers built Washington Monument are simply stunning. Proud to be American!

A Special Place in Washington DC-Wounded Veteran's Memorial

IMG_2673A very special place, for some even more special people who have given so much. This memorial was just completed and a beautiful place it is to honor those who have been wounded in service to our country. A Ranger said that President Obama would not come for the dedication, nor his staff….a real shame.

An Apology

Hello everyone,
I have been totally consumed with my all-consuming day job and have not taken the opportunity to update my website, nor this blog. I will be doing a major update within the next month which should lead to a more regular update schedule. I have been in Washington DC, assisting some very amazing people for the last 4 1/2 months, but have now returned to home and my computer. A wonderful experience, but glad to be back.