Welcome to Steelhead Fabrications! Here you will find metal doodles, functional fish art, whimsy, metal signs and, of course….crustaceans! 



Steelhead Fabrications is the creative outlet of John Hicks. His love of metalworking was fostered by his blacksmithing grandfather and the tremendous support from his family and friends. His inspiration is taken from the world around us, with a special focus on the aquatic environment. John's training began in Gramps' blacksmithing shop in Ellensburg, Washington, was expanded at the Minnesota School of Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing and honed by his environmental chemistry training.
The work on this site is dedicated to the memory of his grandfather, James A. Hicks...a truly great man, who always had time for his grandchildren, no matter how busy he was. The JH Logo you see on most of John's work was Gramps's touch mark and cattle brand which has now been passed down to John.

If you are interested in commissioning sculpture or other metal items, please send an email with your request along with a telephone number so our friendly blacksmith can contact you. Your comments about the pieces displayed here are welcome and encouraged. Please let us know what you think...

The following pages contain photograph galleries that show examples of my work. While it normally takes me 3-4 weeks from order to shipping for art not in stock, my relocation to the East Coast has limited my ability to work metal…call and let’s discuss. In order to maintain your privacy, orders are taken over the telephone. I use a secure register to run your credit card, if that is preferred over sending a check.


In 2013, 10% of total (before expenses) revenue was returned to our local and challenged organizations as charitable contributions.  This has continued throughout 2014 and into 2015…Remember to share in your good fortune! Soli Deo Gloria!